Convert leads into customers.

Capturing your leads has never been easier with our smart lead generation forms that will show you the property your lead was looking at when they filled out the form. Create unlimited single listing pages with the ability to assign a custom domain to each single listing page.

  • Smart lead generation
  • Landing pages
  • Single listing pages
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Smart lead generation

Our built-in smart lead generation forms know exactly what property your customers are looking at when they fill out the form. Provides a great opportunity to follow up with your leads with some relevant information.

Your leads will show up in your dashboard when you log in to your account and you will get emailed the lead with all their information. You can easily click the phone number in the email to automatically start a call from your mobile phone.

Single Listing Pages

Turn your MLS or Custom listings into single page listings with just a few clicks. Single page listings is a great way to keep the focus on the property so there are no distractions for the viewer.

With the smart lead generation form on the page as the only call to action, you are sure to capture the lead from interested viewers.

Some of our themes will even give you the ability to add your walkthrough video and post open house dates.

Landing pages

Using the page builder you can create unlimited landing pages to cater to any audience. Each landing page can have its own custom domain assigned to it for a professional look.

No setup fees or contracts

No designers or developer needed